Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Things I'm loving lately ~ Fall 2015

Last week there was a Fall Favorites Blog Hop going on in blog land.
I thought I'd join in on the fun....
My love for the different seasons goes in this order: Summer, then Spring, then Fall and then Winter.
Even though Fall comes in 3rd, there are still so many beautiful things about Fall that I love.
Here are just a few "Fall inspired things" that I'm currently loving!
No 1- Furniture that I’m loving: 

Maybe it's because I have my dining room on the brain that this is the piece of furniture that I'm loving.  Doesn't leather just scream fall?
I would want it in the weathered oak drifted finish as pictured below.
And in the chestnut leather finish.
They're currently on sale for $529 each!  They're on my Christmas wish list for sure!  ;)
Pretty Pleeeeeaaaasssseee Honey!!!

No 2- Shoes that I’m loving:
Can't have a favorites fall post without including some boots!!!  Love me some boots.  I love that these are stylish yet practical.  I NEED these!

No 3- Things that I don’t need but am loving:

Plush Pumpkins

 I'm loving these gorgeous velvet pumpkins and acorns!  I'm seeing them everywhere!  Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Home Goods are just a few stores that are currently carrying them.  I want them all!  But of course there are only so many pumpkins you can have before you start looking like a hoarder!  Right?! 

No 4- Pillows that I’m loving:

Pillow Covers

No 5- Wreaths that I’m loving:

Lemon Leaf Wreath


No 6- Books I'm loving:

One of my favorite things to do on a fall afternoon is curl up next to a crackling fire with a good book.  If you read my blog then you know that I'm hosting a group at my home all based on the book Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman.  I LOVE THIS BOOK!  I highly recommend it!  If you're looking for a Christmas gift idea for a lady in your life, this is it! You can read more about the book from this post here.

No 7-  Accessories:

Infinity Scarf
These are both from Forever 21.  Scarves are one of my favorite fall items and I especially love a cable knit infinity scarf!  We haven't experienced the cooler temps much yet here in California but when we do, a scarf is usually a staple item in my wardrobe!

No 8- Wall Things

 Marquee Arrow
I love arrows and this one in particular can go well with fall décor.  The wood, metal and lights are delicious!  I want it!

And those are my current Fall Favorites....
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See you tomorrow!

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