Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dining Room Wall Unit

I hope you're liking the new look of the blog...
On Sunday, my pastor was speaking and he said something that really resonated with me.
He said, "Does what I'm about to say need to be said and does it need to be said right now?"
He was referring to social media and how we should ask ourselves those two questions before we share whatever is on our mind.
What I immediately thought about was this blog.
I love sharing and talking on this forum but lately I've been feeling a sense of pressure to post something!
Just for the sake to have something on the blog.
So, on Sunday after those words kicked me in the gut, I decided I'm not going to succumb to the pressure of just posting something here just for the sake of filling empty pages.
Instead, I'm going to ask myself those two very important questions:
Does it need to be said?
Does it need to be said right now?
Now, don't get me wrong, there's always going to be small talk and not every post is going to have some profound meaning but....
I'm going to be purposeful in my posts.
I appreciate you coming on this journey with me.
My readers have increased significantly since I started just a few months ago and it's really quite humbling to think that there are people out in blog land interested in what I have to say!
And now to the real point of this post....
This year, 2015, I set a goal to complete one room in my home.
By "complete" I mean to design, build, decorate and personalize it to be 100% reflective of the look and direction I want my home to go.  No room in my home is at that level yet.  We've only been in this house 2 years so I'm cutting myself some slack!
The room I chose for this year is the dining room.

We're in the middle of October and I'm no where near my goal.
big sigh!
The reason is simple
What my "dream" is for the room far exceeds my budget.
What my "dream" is for the room takes a lot of coaxing and convincing on my part to the rest of the humans living in my home!
double big sigh!
One of the major changes to the room I had planned was to have a wall to wall unit built.
Like this but on a smaller scale since my room is much smaller than the one pictured below.

I spoke to a cabinet maker and showed him my thoughts and ideas.
He came back to me a few weeks ago with an $8000 quote.

Yeah, not in the budget. :(

So then I went to Home Depot and spoke to a consultant about getting some lower custom cabinets installed (no uppers or hutch) and she quoted me $3000.

Closer but still not in the budget.

And then today I was reading one of my favorite blogs and I stumbled across this beauty.

How pretty is that?
And I wonder if I can make a unit out of it?

I researched it a little and found the maker

They have all different types of book shelves and storage wall collections that are all pretty reasonably priced.

The down side is you have to assemble them.

But that's ok....
looks like a little project for the hubby!  ;)

So I need your opinion!
Which option should I go with?

Cannery Bridge?
I would order 2 of these and put them side by side.

The 2nd option is 
Harbor View? (I would purchase 3 of the middle pieces)

or Heritage Hill? (I would order 3 of the middle pieces which I would paint white)

What do you think????
Please cast your vote!!  I need to decide asap!
By the way, the total cost for this option will run anywhere from $600-$1200 based on which option I choose!
Not that's in the budget!!!

The best part is I found these on and the shipping is FREE!

I'll keep you posted on which direction we decide to take!

In other news, I finished painting the side table I purchased not to long ago on Craigslist and will be sharing the before and afters tomorrow on the blog!

Have a wonderful day!!