Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Faves ~ 7/31/15

We made it!!!  I seriously had my doubts!!!
What a week! So glad to see it end! I have a wonderful weekend planned and can't wait to get to it!
Remember a couple weeks back I shared a post about Craigslist?
Well, I bought one of the pieces I shared in my post!!!
I'm really proud of myself too because remember I had stated that if I buy another piece of furniture my husband might blow a gasket? (Not really, he's actually a super nice guy ~love you honey!)
  Well, what I decided to do is sell a piece of furniture first and then replace it with a new piece!  :)
It's just a win, win!
The best part is I ended up with a profit from my sale and purchase transaction. (Does that even make sense?!)  Anyway, I'm hoping to spend some time painting and distressing and waxing and transforming my new purchased piece this weekend!!!  My goal is to share it on the blog on Tuesday so make sure and stop by next week to see the surprise!!!
OK it's FRIDAY!  Have I mentioned how excited I am?
 I'm chompin' at the bit for 3:00 to roll around! 
Here are my picks for today's favorites!
Favorite Room

Favorite Art

Favorite Bling
Favorite Ceiling

Favorite Door (I'm realizing I'm a little obsessed with doors!)

Favorite Floor

Favorite House

Favorite Ink

Favorite Motivation

Favorite Painted Piece

Favorite Beautiful Person

Favorite Phone Case

Favorite Quote

Favorite Night Stand
Have a blessed weekend!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why a blog?

There's a questionnaire floating around blog land and it landed on my blog!
I love stuff like this.  It is a wonderful tool to get you to think about things that you may normally not think about.  It's also a great way to get to know people.
Before I get started I wanted to share my reasons for starting a blog.
  1. I love blogs.  I read and follow 50+ blogs a day.
  2. It's a creative outlet for me.
  3. It's a way for me to journal and share my thoughts and ideas. 
  4. It will one day be a little keepsake for my children and their children.
  5. It's a great way to connect with people I normally wouldn't be able to connect with.
And that is all.  :)
I'm grateful for the encouragement, positive reaction and comments I've received thus far!
Thanks for joining me on this journey.
OK here we go.... on to the questionnaire!
1. Winter or Summer?
Most definitely, 100% Summer!  I am a California Summer girl!  I (heart) sunshine!  I feel like my spirit comes alive when the sun is shinning.  I love the beach, the pool, baseball, BBQ's, vacations!!!  Need I say more?
2. What's your favorite wallpaper pattern?
I'm not really a wallpaper kind of girl.  Give me a planked wall, brick wall or even bead board wall any day of the week!  But please no wallpaper.  Maybe I'm just scared of commitment!  Haha!  And wallpaper is a huge commitment!
3. What's the best vacation you've taken?
Cancun in the summer of 2005 with my husband.  I love almost every part of Mexico but Cancun is my fave!  We stayed at an all-inclusive resort and had the best time ever!  :) (in my teenager voice!)

4. If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Oprah Winfrey.
I'm a big fan.  She's inspirational and I feel like I could learn a lot from her.

5. Name one thing on your bucket list.
To go to Europe!!! London, Paris, Italy!  Yes, please!
6. What is your favorite room in your house?
Probably the family room/kitchen area.  I love having people over and that's where we tend to congregate!  It makes my heart happy to see my kids with their friends sitting and eating and hanging out.

7. If you could pick any designer, living or dead, to decorate your house, 
who would it be?
Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. 
I love her design style and I feel like she and Chip would be so awesome to work with.
8. What's on your nightstand?
My camera (weird I know, but you never know when you're going to need it!)
A glass of water
A lamp
My cell phone
9. Backyard BBQ or formal dinner?
Backyard BBQ for sure.  Flip flops, tank top & shorts - no reservation required!  That's how we roll!

10. If you could rewind 20 years and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?
Graduate from college!

OK, now here's the fun part!  I want you to play along!  Answer the above questions on this blog in the comments section!  Can't wait to see your answers!  :)

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back 2 School

Hello blog world!
It's been a crazy couple of days.  Hence the reason for no posts!  :/
When I decided to do this blog thing, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't allow it to take time away from the kids, my husband and my family.  They are my #1 priorities! 
So far, I've kept true to that promise by creating my posts during my lunch and break times at work or at night when everyone is asleep. 
The reason I covet my precious time with my little family is because the days, weeks, months and years are FLYING by!
Yesterday was evident of that...
My children went back to school!
Summer break is over! (insert tears)
My oldest daughter, my first-born is a FRESHMAN in High School!!!!
How did that happen?
I didn't cry. I was really happy for her!
She danced into my room at 6-something in the morning chanting, "I'm going to High School!!" She was giddy and my heart smiled!
I love her.
She makes me smile.
I'm so proud of her.
The list goes on and on as most of you parents can relate.
I look back and think about the day she started Kindergarten...

She had that same giddiness about her. She was ready to conquer the world, ready for her role as the assistant Kindergarten teacher.  Of course, her teacher didn't know she had an assistant, but thankfully Mrs. Pedraza embraced her assistant all the same!
And of course, now I can cry....
I miss my little Kindergartner. 

I can see her little pigtails.
I can see her little pensive look as she "observes" the classroom.
I can see the colorful artwork she brings home that she made with her tiny little hands and her chubby little fingers.
I can hear her talking a mile a minute trying to tell me about her day and explaining all the rules, so proud that she can write her name.
I want to go back to that day and squeeze her and bottle it all up!

But I can't.
Instead, I'll hug her and squeeze her today because in 4 very short years when she's driving away to college, I'll be wishing I could go back to today!

And that is why I'm trying to cherish every single day.

Make it a great day!!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Faves ~ 7/24/15

Good Morning!
Happy FRIDAY!!!!
I'm doing the happy dance.
Looking forward to a fun filled weekend!  How about you?
Without further ado....
here are my favorites this week!
Favorite Area Rug
Favorite Back Splash

Favorite Backyard (Um, yes please!)
Favorite Tub

Favorite Banquet

Favorite Mantle D├ęcor

Favorite Summer Pic

Favorite Painted Piece
Favorite Nightstand

Favorite Pantry (I wish!!)

Favorite Outdoor Entertainment Space

Favorite Dinning Spot

Favorite Wallpaper
Have a safe and blessed weekend!
See you Monday!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Have you filled a bucket today?

Good morning blog world!
Happy Thursday.  We are getting closer to FRIDAY!!!  :)
Thank goodness!
Today I want to talk about one of my all-time-favorite children's book:

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
by Carol McCloud
Several years ago I worked at a preschool called Celebration Christian Preschool where I was introduced to this book.
On the cover of the book it says, "A guide to daily happiness for kids."  Really though, I think it's a guide to daily happiness for everyone.
The book talks about how each of us have a love bucket.  You can choose to "dip" into other's love buckets by negative actions towards them or you can choose to "fill" their buckets by expressing kindness, appreciation and love on a daily basis.
When my children were little many birthday gifts for their friends included this book.  It became, and still is, part of our vocabulary.
When my children would say something hurtful or unkind I would respond, "You're dipping into my bucket." They would immediately stop and think about their actions.  And vice versa when something positive or kind was said, I would thank them for filling my bucket.
I have caught myself so many times speaking to adults the same way!  Always in a positive way of course!  lol  I don't think I've ever told an adult they were dipping into my bucket!  Haha!
But I have told many adults they were filling my bucket!  Many times they've looked at me with a puzzled look and I've had to explain...
You can find the book in most book stores.  I usually purchase a copy on  You can follow the link below to purchase your own copy!
The world needs more bucket fillers!  Don't you think?
Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Yesterday was a CRAZY day.  
It was a doozy!

So today I'm going to dream....

And I'm inviting you on this dreamy journey.

I grew up with a very frugal mom.  She was a bargain shopper.  She cut out coupons and looked through newspaper ads to find the best deals.  We weren't poor but we weren't rich either.  Middle class really, but my mother grew up very poor and as a result didn't like paying full price for anything.

I am a lot like her in many ways.  I love to bargain shop.  I have loved turning hand-me-downs into beautiful pieces that fit into my decorating style.  I have a little obsession with Craigslist and frequently shop at Ross, Marshall's and TJ Maxx!

Yes, my Pinterest boards are filled with beautiful pieces that I'd love to have one day.... but currently my money is being spent on 2 very expensive kids!!  

Can you relate?!?!

Alright, enough rambling!  Let's get to the dreamy part!

If I won the lottery, if my kids were older, if no one else's opinions mattered... ...these are some of the dreamy things I would buy for my home!  Today we're going to explore my dream living room!  :)

For the Living Room

Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Sofa, Hickory

Anthropologie  $2,498.00

Horchow $3,199 (I'd like it in a carmely, tan color)

Madison Shag Area Rug

Frontgate $1,249

Keeley Accent Table 
Joss & Main $499.95

John-Richard Collection
Katie Coffee Table

Horchow $2399

Rumford Dresser
Joss & Main $1945

Lana Chest

Horchow $2799

Alright, all done dreaming for now!!!  :)

Have a wonderful day!



Monday, July 20, 2015

This "Travel Baseball" Mom's prayer

We're back from Reno, Nevada.
We had a wonderful time.

I know it's Motivational Monday...
but since I have baseball on the brain, I just felt it in my heart to share this little prayer with all of the baseball moms (and dads!) out there!  
I'm adding some of the pictures I took during our Reno Tournament.

It's unconventional, I know, to think that God even cares about baseball!  However, I believe he cares about every detail of our lives and that, for my family, includes baseball!

So here's my prayer...

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my son.  
Thank you for the talent and ability you've given him to play the game that he loves.

Please watch over him and his teammates as they play today.
Help him to be a good sport and to have fun.

Help the boys to play as a team and my son to be an encouraging teammate.

Help him to never lose his focus.

And Lord, however challenging the game might be, please help him to never quit.

Surround him with teammates that he can call friends on and off the field.

In baseball, as in life....
help him to step up to the plate with confidence 
knowing that he has practiced and prepared for this moment.

I thank you in advance if he hits it over the fence...
but help him to know that I love him just the same if he strikes out.

Lord, please help me to remember that you love the boys and parents of the apposing team too!
Help me to cheer respectfully for my team with that in mind.

Thank you for the umpires.  As hard as it can me to show them grace when I don't think they got it right!

Help him to accept his mistakes and learn from them.

That at the end of the game he will know that he gave it his best.

Help him to win with humility

and lose with integrity.

And finally God, I thank you for this season in his life.  

I thank you for the memories being made
and for the lessons being learned.