Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ Back to School 2016

I know what you're thinking...
how can I be talking about school in July???
Where we live our kids follow a modified traditional school schedule.  We have a shorter Summer than most but then we enjoy a couple of weeks off in October, December and March.


  I've grown to really like this schedule except for the short Summers!  I talked about how we try and make the most of our Summer's in this post here.
This year I have a kid starting middle school and a kid who's a sophomore in High School.  They both go back to school on Monday!!
Fashion is all the rage.  Back to school shopping has taken on a whole new meaning.  It's not as simple as it used to be. 
For my teenage daughter there's not only the dress, romper or shorts and shirt we have to buy but there are also all the accessories!
I often tease her and tell her that when I see her I see dollar signs!!
My 12 year old boy is a little easier.  He's all about the T-shirt and basketball shorts!  Easy!
I think it's important for kids to look good when they go to school.  I know it's not in everyones budget to spend a small fortune on back-to-school shopping.  It's not in MY budget to spend a ton of money...
but there are a lot of ways to get super good discounts on clothes these days.
I'm always looking for coupons and have no pride accepting hand me downs!  I will even shop 2nd hand sites to look for some good staple items for a fraction of retail prices.


As sad as I am about the kids going back to school, I'm also excited about the new adventures that await them.

When asked if I was sad about my baby starting middle school, my response was no.  How can I be sad when he is SO EXCITED!
Yes, my babies are growing up too fast and I want time to slow down but I'm loving each and every stage of their lives.
What I am praying for this school season is good teachers.  Teachers that will not only fill them academically but that will also inspire them to be better human beings.

I'm praying that they be surrounded by good friends.
I'm praying that they in turn be a good friend.

I'm praying for their safety.

And I'm praying that they be a light that shines in this dark world.
Wishing you all the best this back to school season!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Motivational Monday ~ Inner Beauty

Have you ever felt less than?
Not pretty enough, not skinny enough, too short, too tall...

I grew up with a large extended family.  I only have 2 brothers but my parents each had 5 siblings and big families!  It was such a fun childhood with all my cousins and family.  I was fortunate to grow up in a very loving environment.
I never felt as pretty on the outside as my cousins.  My family would often tease me about my pudgy nose, my freckles and my curly hair.  They would point out the beautiful, perfectly-sculptured nose this cousin had, or the big beautiful blue eyes this other cousin had, etc...

I would complain to my mom and say things like, why can't I have beautiful blue eyes like my Lito (an endearing name we called my grandfather), or dimples like you or be skinnier, etc...
And she would look at me and say, "Focus on the inside."
True story.
I'm so grateful for those 4 words.
I shifted my focus at a very young age and I started to look on the "inside" to see what I could find.  I discovered so much about myself.  I was filled with talent and brains and kindness and determination and a big heart.  True story!  :)
I'm so grateful for those 4 words because they instilled self esteem.  It's a beautiful thing when you realize who you are, when you realize your worth.
Today I want to encourage you to look at yourself through a new pair of glasses.  Maybe you have in the past or are now feeling less than.  God created you and he makes no mistakes.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Beautiful comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.

What I tell my kids...
I have two beautiful kids.  I'm their mom and I can say that!  :)
1.    I tell them to focus on their inner beauty.

My daughter is smart, talented, she's loyal, she's a leader, she's funny, she's a rule follower, etc...
My son is kind, he's smart, he's athletic, he's humble, he's witty, he's a wonderful friend, etc...  Those are just a few of the qualities that I love about them.  When I see things that exhibit those behaviors I point them out.  I say how proud of them I am for being such a good friend, for working hard at being a good athlete, for using the talents that God has given them.

2.     I tell them to look for inner beauty in others. 

When my daughter was in 2nd grade, after her first week of school I asked her how it was going and who she was hanging out with.  She said, "I'm just observing right now."
What she meant by that is that she was observing the kids in her class to see who she wanted to hang out with.  She knew picking her friends was a big commitment!  I LOVE her.  I was never that wise at such a young age.  What I did tell her was this; don't let someone's outward appearance be the reason you miss out on a person that is beautiful on the inside. 
So many times people are overlooked because of their outward appearance and WE are the ones missing out on what could be a beautiful friend.
My son on the other hand sees the good in everyone and I have to tell him to be careful when choosing his friends.  He loves people and I love that about him but it's important to be careful of whom you choose to surround yourself with.
3.     Lastly, I point out the strengths my kids have but we also talk about their weaknesses and how to work on them. 

Nobody is perfect.  We all have our shortcomings, our weaknesses don't need to define or drive us though.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I've had to work on my poker face.  The other day I was at the gym and the instructor said to me after she told us we had to do 35 power burpees, "Delilah did you roll your eyes at me?" OOPS!!  Did I do that out loud??  lol
Ok, so I'm still a work in progress! 



I don't pretend to know everything, in fact, I still wish I was skinnier, taller, more beautiful...
I'm grateful that you give me the opportunity to share my heart with you every once in a while.  I hope this post has inspired you to stop playing the comparison game and focus on the BEAUTIFUL YOU God created you to be!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ Red, White & Blue

So in honor of the 4th of July, I thought I'd share some of my favorite red, white and blue spaces and things.  I love that color combo in a home.

I love this kitchen.  The aqua cabinets and ceiling, the copper lights and accessories and that stove!!  Wow!
Super cute bedroom/nursery for a boy.  How brilliant is that basket holder with all of the baby's toiletries?  That bright blue dresser is fun too!
Aqua and red is so beautifully paired here.
 Ok, not going to lie, not in love with this blue wallpaper but it works well with that stunning console and zebra rug.
Red and aqua can be pretty dramatic in a room but I love how the natural wood table brings a much needed calm to this space.
Such a perfect balance of red, white and grey and then just a tiny splash of blue.  Perfection.

You don't have to wear flag stuff for the 4th of July, something like this red and white maxi paired with a denim jacket is a subtle yet elegant option!

Yes please!  Because I'm drooling over this kitchen I had to give you two pictures of it.  Not sure I could ever commit, but those aqua cabinets!!!  So in love!  And that red velvety chair, and that rustic island, and those bar stools, and that barn door, and the red knobs, and that bold red sign on the wall...

Such a pretty pillow

Loving the deep blue and the deep red wall colors in these spaces.  The white cabinets and woodwork really pop!
I need this sign!  Love!

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?
We have a few BBQ's, swim parties, church and a birthday celebration on the calendar.
Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend!