Monday, November 2, 2015

Michaels Makers Annual Dream Tree Challenge

Good Monday morning!!
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend.
Ours was lovely.  :)
We had a day of Pop Warner football and then the kids got into their costumes, I dropped one off to hang out with her friends and the other stayed in our neighborhood trick or treating with his friends.
Our neighbors came over and we sat in our garage and passed out candy.  I enjoyed seeing all the neighborhood kids in their costumes and hanging out with our friends.
On Sunday I loved waking up to an extra hour!  Thank you Daylight Saving...I love you in the Fall but not so much in the Spring!
To be honest though I'm ready to shift gears.
It rained all night last night and is still raining today in my neck of the woods and it feels like it's natures way of getting me ready for the next season.
It's time to put the black and orange away and get ready for....


Some of you probably aren't ready to make the switch and I get it....
but I, on the other hand, am so excited to start decorating for Christmas.
Usually I don't start until after Thanksgiving weekend but we aren't hosting Thanksgiving this year so I can start decorating early!
Insert happy dance!!
These pictures that you're seeing are all from the Michael's Makers annual dream tree challenge.  I haven't decided which direction I'm going this year with my Christmas decorations but I'm feeling inspired by all the Christmas beauty around me.
Here's the link to see all of the trees posted in their entirety.
Hope this gives you the inspiration needed to get in the Christmas spirit!
Have a blessed day!

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