Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Faves ~ 10/23/15

Good Morning!!
We made it!!!
Thank you Lord!
I've had a very productive week and can't wait to start sharing some projects with you here on the blog soon....
Amidst all the painting and decorating and rearranging...
my daughter and I have found the time to squeeze in a Gossip Girl Netflix marathon.
At first I was a little taken aback by how inappropriate that show can be....
However, there are some beautiful outfits, amazing hairstyles, beautiful landscapes (the girls just got back from a summer in Paris!), gorgeous people and insanely styled apartments to focus on!  I'm seriously in love with Rufus' apartment.  The story line is a little bit "young!" but I am enjoying this QT with my baby girl!
On this weekend's agenda is more painting, rearranging, decorating and gossip girl!!
Here are my Friday favorites:
Favorite Quote
Favorite Fall Mantle

Favorite Bathroom

 Favorite Ceiling
Favorite Corbel
Favorite Fall Entry
Favorite Accessory: That Windmill
I want one!!!
Favorite Painted Piece
 Favorite Beachy Chandelier
Favorite Door

Favorite Hall Gallery
 Favorite House
Favorite Fireplace
Favorite Pantry
Favorite Landing
Favorite Courtyard
Favorite Styled Hall Tree Bench
Favorite Porch
Um, yes please!
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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