Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Keep Swimming!!

Last week was a challenging week.
I can't put my finger on why, but I just felt like I couldn't get ahead of the game!  I was always one step behind.
My husband and I showed up for our daughter's Freshman Parent Orientation at her high school only to find out that we were a day early!  I thought it was Wednesday at 6:30 but the janitor informed us that it was scheduled for Thursday at 7:00.  I couldn't believe that I got the date & time wrong!
So, I show up the next day at 10 minutes to 7:00 thinking I'm early and I walk in to a meeting already in progress!  The start time was 6:30!  Oh, no...I've become that mom!!!  :(
Then, because it's the first week of school, my kids brought home pages and pages of forms for me to fill out.  Me, being responsible and on top of things, took the forms to work so that I could fill them out and turn them in on time.  By Thursday they were completely and neatly filled out and I set them right next to my purse so that when I left for the day I wouldn't forget them.
I forgot them.
My 11-year-old son was completely distraught!  He was going to get his recess time taken away because he didn't get his forms turned in on time.  I assured him it was going to be ok and that I would email his teacher. 
I emailed his teacher, but because it was after hours (school hours) we didn't get a response!  My husband suggested we drive out to my work and pick up the papers that night.
(I work 30 minutes away.) 
 I knew that it was a gamble and that we probably wouldn't be able to get into the building because it was already 8:30 at night but my husband thought it was worth a try.
So, we jumped in the car and drove to my work.
The doors were locked and there was no way to get into the building. (big sigh)
Now we're driving home in silence and I'm feeling like I deserve the mom of the year award! (insert sarcasm!)
Brayden (my son) is asleep when we get home and I'm grateful that I don't have to tell him the bad news.  You're probably thinking....they're just papers!!!  And I have to tell you, you're right and I agree 100% but to this little guy it was so much more than that.
Segway into my daughter and her first week of High School...
Heritage High School is where she attends and they do this really neat thing for the freshman every year.  They design and distribute T-shirts with a special slogan on them for all the incoming Freshman at the beginning of the school year.  This years slogan is "To infinity and beyond." Last years slogan was "Keep Swimming."
How cute is that?
That statement "Keep Swimming" really resonated with me.  I'm not perfect.  I'm going to make mistakes but I just have to keep swimming.  Eventually I'll get there!
I'm reminded of Finding Nemo.  Probably one of my all-time favorite kids movie.  Nemo's dad was so determined to find him.  Despite the sharks, jelly fish, Dory's amnesia (love her) and whatever obstacle came his way, he kept swimming.
So, on this Motivational Monday morning I'm going to encourage you to KEEP SWIMMING!
It may not look good...
It may not feel good...
It may not sound good...
It may not taste good...
but in the words of NIKE, Just Do It!
Hard work, determination, persistence and follow-through
In the end, my husband woke up at 5:00am with me on Friday morning and followed me to work.  I ran into my office grabbed all the papers, ran downstairs and handed them to my cape-wearing husband!  I could only imagine the look on Brayden's face when his dad showed up with all the paperwork ready for him to turn in.  Frank seriously deserves the dad of the year award. No sarcasm here! 
And of course, I got a response from my email to the teacher later that morning assuring me that it was ok to turn the paperwork in on Monday!  Too late!  My husband saved the day! 
Sometimes, I just love that man!
Today, my prayer for you is that you continue to do whatever it is that God has set out for you to do!  Be encouraged and just keep swimming!

(My beautiful niece Jaden wearing her Freshman Tee from last year!)


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