Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Faves ~ 7/31/15

We made it!!!  I seriously had my doubts!!!
What a week! So glad to see it end! I have a wonderful weekend planned and can't wait to get to it!
Remember a couple weeks back I shared a post about Craigslist?
Well, I bought one of the pieces I shared in my post!!!
I'm really proud of myself too because remember I had stated that if I buy another piece of furniture my husband might blow a gasket? (Not really, he's actually a super nice guy ~love you honey!)
  Well, what I decided to do is sell a piece of furniture first and then replace it with a new piece!  :)
It's just a win, win!
The best part is I ended up with a profit from my sale and purchase transaction. (Does that even make sense?!)  Anyway, I'm hoping to spend some time painting and distressing and waxing and transforming my new purchased piece this weekend!!!  My goal is to share it on the blog on Tuesday so make sure and stop by next week to see the surprise!!!
OK it's FRIDAY!  Have I mentioned how excited I am?
 I'm chompin' at the bit for 3:00 to roll around! 
Here are my picks for today's favorites!
Favorite Room

Favorite Art

Favorite Bling
Favorite Ceiling

Favorite Door (I'm realizing I'm a little obsessed with doors!)

Favorite Floor

Favorite House

Favorite Ink

Favorite Motivation

Favorite Painted Piece

Favorite Beautiful Person

Favorite Phone Case

Favorite Quote

Favorite Night Stand
Have a blessed weekend!!!

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