Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Work in progress...

Where do I begin??
Life has really been kicking me in the behind lately...
To start things off my little dog was sick and I was really worried! She's 8 years old and little dogs don't live that long so I thought something was horribly wrong.  Turns out it was only a virus that some antibiotics and a special diet cured.
I love that little munchkin and would have been devastated if it was anything more.
I'm so grateful that it wasn't.
Then my daughter broke her ankle at cheer practice last week!
I tell you what, if she didn't love cheer leading so much, her cheer career would be over!
And not just because of the broken ankle, but because she has incurred many injuries during her cheer and tumbling career!
Thankfully it's just a bone and she is recovering nicely.
Despite my crazy week, I do have some
finished projects,
fun projects sitting in the garage I'm anxious to start
and projects I'm currently working on to share with you!
The plan is to have a post about each of these "projects" when they are completed.
So here is what I'm working on:
Does this piece look familiar?  It was on my Craigslist post back in July.
I sold a piece of furniture in my home to make room for it.
I loved the lines of it and all the detail.  It's a heavy, solid piece and I can't wait to show you the reveal!  (hopefully this week)
I made 10 of these baseball books for my son's baseball team and hope to share a tutorial with you.
These are some of the projects in the garage I'm anxious to start:


This weekend's project is my son's bedroom!
It's currently in a dysfunctional, unorganized and mismatched state!  It's screaming for help.
My budget is EXTREMELY LOW so we'll see how it goes!
I recently painted this bed and that's about the only thing I love in his room.
So, of course, all of these projects are supposed to happen 
while working 40 hours a week
while keeping a family of four fed and afloat (thank God for Grammy!)
while getting the boy to football practice 5 days a week
while getting the girl to cheer practice and all her social events
while back to school night is happening this week
while not neglecting the hubby in the process
while going to church and singing on the praise team
and while having some sort of social life myself!  :)

Haha!  I love my life!  Really, I do!
Stay tuned....

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