Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Faves ~ 8/7/15

Hello Blogland!
I'm coming at you from a little town in Cali to tell you that:
Today I'm grateful....
I'm grateful the I and my little family of 4 are living and breathing!
I'm grateful that my 4-legged little furry baby girl (Bella) is on the mend!
I'm grateful that I have a job that helps me pay the bills.
I'm grateful that I'm surrounded by AMAZING friends and a wonderful family.
There are so many things to be grateful for and I just though I'd name a few on this FABULOUS Friday morning!!!  Yay!!  TGIF!
Enough about my gratitude!  Here are my faves!
Favorite Pantry

Favorite Cabinet

Favorite Dining Room

Favorite Wall Collage
Favorite Outdoor Table

Favorite Painted Piece

Favorite Wallpaper

Favorite Windows

Favorite Pic
Favorite Style (I wish my Brayden let me dress him like this!)
Favorite Puppy
Favorite Nightstand

Favorite Look
Favorite Quote
Have a blessed weekend!

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