Friday, July 10, 2015


Seriously, the best workday of the week!  :)
So, I don't think I've introduced myself....
My name is Delilah.  I live in Northern California and I'm BRAND NEW to this blogging world so please be kind to me!  :)
I love all things décor related, crafty stuff, painting furniture, my family, God and life!  So, this blog is just going to be a reflection of all those things!
I work full-time at a utility company and I'm really grateful for my job as it allows me the ability to decorate my home and shop for all sorts of beautiful things!
Ok, enough about'll get to know me better over time...
On Friday's I'm hoping to post some of my favorite things.  They will be random and beautiful to ME!  So, sit back and enjoy!
Favorite Vignette
Favorite portrait
Favorite Dresser
 Seriously infatuated with this piece!  Where can I get my hands on this???
Favorite Destination
Favorite Door
Favorite Hair
Favorite Quote
Favorite Space

Favorite Beautiful Person

Favorite painted piece

Favorite Pillow

Favorite Cali Moment

Favorite Sign

Favorite Wall
Have a blessed & wonderful weekend!!!

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