Monday, July 20, 2015

This "Travel Baseball" Mom's prayer

We're back from Reno, Nevada.
We had a wonderful time.

I know it's Motivational Monday...
but since I have baseball on the brain, I just felt it in my heart to share this little prayer with all of the baseball moms (and dads!) out there!  
I'm adding some of the pictures I took during our Reno Tournament.

It's unconventional, I know, to think that God even cares about baseball!  However, I believe he cares about every detail of our lives and that, for my family, includes baseball!

So here's my prayer...

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my son.  
Thank you for the talent and ability you've given him to play the game that he loves.

Please watch over him and his teammates as they play today.
Help him to be a good sport and to have fun.

Help the boys to play as a team and my son to be an encouraging teammate.

Help him to never lose his focus.

And Lord, however challenging the game might be, please help him to never quit.

Surround him with teammates that he can call friends on and off the field.

In baseball, as in life....
help him to step up to the plate with confidence 
knowing that he has practiced and prepared for this moment.

I thank you in advance if he hits it over the fence...
but help him to know that I love him just the same if he strikes out.

Lord, please help me to remember that you love the boys and parents of the apposing team too!
Help me to cheer respectfully for my team with that in mind.

Thank you for the umpires.  As hard as it can me to show them grace when I don't think they got it right!

Help him to accept his mistakes and learn from them.

That at the end of the game he will know that he gave it his best.

Help him to win with humility

and lose with integrity.

And finally God, I thank you for this season in his life.  

I thank you for the memories being made
and for the lessons being learned.


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