Monday, September 28, 2015

Capture the beautiful moments and delete the rest!

I love photography.

I love capturing beautiful moments.

I love photographing beautiful people.

I love wrapping up a memory in film and being able to go back to that moment every time I look at the photograph taken.

However, sometimes some of the pictures 
I take are 
eyes are closed
and just downright bad!

...and that's when you DELETE!

Photography is a lot like life.
Just keep capturing moments.

Keep the good stuff and get rid of the bad.

Nothing is perfect.
No one is perfect.

But we focus on the beauty around us and delete the rest.
This is my busy season of photography.

I take a lot of family portraits this time of year.
I do a lot of senior sessions also.

and in between all of that I get to capture some of my own family moments too!

Saturday my daughter went to her first High School Homecoming dance.

I think she looked beautiful

and I loved capturing the excitement, the beauty and this "first" in her life.

Today is Monday and it's back to the grind....

I'm making it a goal to focus on the positive and 
DELETE the rest!

I encourage you to do the same!  :)

Have a blessed day!


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