Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What is your home saying?

I love subway art.
I love quotes.
I love phrases.
I love funnies.

I am a lover of words. 

Nice, kind, encouraging and pretty words.

In my home you will find lots of subway art 
and tiles with words on them 
and frames with words 
and signs with my favorite phrases...

They encourage.
They inspire.
They bring joy.
They remind.

When I was younger I remember a lady telling a group of married women that the lady of the house is the one who sets the tone for her home.
If the lady of the house is grumpy she'll have a grumpy home.
If the lady of the house is joyful it will be a happy home.
If the lady of the house is sad it will be a somber home.

I was at a young impressionable age and I really believed that lady when she said that.
In some ways it's true.  Yes there are other contributing factors...
like the other people living in the home!
But for the most part, we women, have a lot of influence over the temperament of our home.

When I design or decorate a space in my home I like to think about the tone I'm setting.

How do I want my children to feel when they step into their home everyday?
How do I want my husband to feel when he gets home from work?
How do I want my guests to feel when they visit?
Is it functional and pretty?

In my home I want you to feel 

Maybe that's why I like all the words in my home.
Perhaps it's helping me set the tone.

It's making me pause and smile when life gets a little hectic.

It's reminding me to lighten up and not be so serious!

It gives me permission to have a little "me" time.

What is your home saying?


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