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Hi everyone, my name is Nidia and I am Delilah's guest blogger today.
She asked me to share something inspirational and I don't know about you, but I hate writing about myself so I'm going to share about someone whom I love dearly, my sister.

We all have sisters right?
 Soul Sisters, childhood Sisters, do or die Sisters, hold your hair back Sisters, BFFs that turned into sisters; your Squad.

I'm assuming it's safe to say we all have some or at least one. I have a group of them and each one of them is a type of sister of which I mentioned.

I consider them family.

(if you get a chance look up #sisterhood)

I love them more than I can ever tell them or express, each one of them has touched my life in a unique way. But the person I'm gonna share with you is my blood sister. Boy, do I love that girl as if she was my own daughter. We have a special bond that even makes my husband nauseous ha! She is my every type of sister-label. God only knows how much she makes a difference in my life and I hope after you read this, she makes a difference in your life too.


She is the first generation here in America. (Our parents are immigrants).

She is the youngest of four.

She is spoiled.

She is LOVED.

She is admired.

She was the first in our family to attend a four-year university after graduating high school. Not only was she the first to graduate from college, but she doubled majored in Criminal Justice and Ethnic Studies (I know, she's kinda awesome).

She is a woman of Faith, a daughter of a King.

She was baptized before I was and her "yes" became mine (I told you, awesome).

At twenty-four years old, she shared her vision with me and the moment I heard it, it became my purpose to see her take her first leap of faith. I encouraged, talked, argued, yelled, and even cried to her. I kept asking her why she continued to work at a job that she was unhappy at and not pursuing her God-given vision. Weeks became months and then she finally did it - she bought a round trip ticket to New York City. Originally, she was going to spend her 25th birthday there. She had bought her ticket in March and her birthday is in October. By June she had made up her mind and told me that she was moving there. If you're wondering, yes, I had a slight heart attack and I couldn't breathe. She said to me one day, "Sister, this is where God is calling me." When I heard those words, I just knew I couldn't talk her out of it. I wish she could have told me that it was an adventure or something obnoxious so I could have came up with an idea to keep her from moving. Truthfully, I was scared for her and I always kept her in my prayers. By that time, I was preparing myself for baby number two and I was sad at the fact that our little newborn wouldn't be as close to her auntie. But no matter what, I didn't talk her out of it, I just couldn't.
So, come October, she moved to NY with $1 in her pocket but a heart full of Faith. She moved across the country all by herself, no friends or family in the East Coast. She left everything that had been easy and comfortable to her in exchange for something cold and big. I wish I could tell you that God made NY a walk in the park for her, but He didn't. That year, New York experienced one of the worse winters in decades. Prior to that, my sister had only been to Lake Tahoe once while it snowed and that was to walk me down the aisle (I told you she's my every type of sister). She had trouble adjusting to the brutal New York City temperatures but she survived.

On a cold winter day, she randomly stumbled upon a church. Little did she know this church was Hillsong NYC. The moment she walked into that place, she immediately felt God's presence. It was right at that very instance that she knew why God had led her there; she had found her purpose.

Her life in NYC has been no where near easy but it's getting better. She will be the first to tell you that God has been her Provider, her Fortress and her Rock.
She works for a U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee and now has a 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. She knows what her future looks like and is in no hurry to get there but she keeps taking a step of faith every day. She provides for her entire family. If they need anything, she helps in any way she can (yeah, amazing). My sister DREAMS BIG and I know that the dreams God has gifted her will come to light because she's already living one of our dreams.

She is Faithful

She is Smart

She is Bold

She is Strong

She is a Leader

She is Brave

She is Fierce

She is Beautiful

She is a Boss

She is Tenderhearted

She is a Believer

She is Witty

She is Love

She is OUR Sister

She is US

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she smiles at the future.
That's my sister!
Wow! Thank you Nidia!

I love that. Thank you for sharing!

We need to be more like that! Fearless!

I too am so grateful to be surrounded by some AMAZING sisters! You being one of them!

I hope the readers are inspired to be a sister! I know I am!



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