Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Elegant Halloween Dining Room

Good morning!!!
I'm excited to share my dining room with you today.  It's all decked out for Halloween.
Last year I talked about my stance on Christians celebrating Halloween in this post here. 

My Halloween decorations are limited to non-scary, non evil-inspired or witch types of things!

I like to use things that are a little more "elegant!"
So that is why I'm calling it an Elegant Dining Room!
Alright enough of me blabbing...
Here are all the pretty pictures!

When you walk into the front door of my home, the dining room is the first room to your left.

I decided to use a very neutral pallet with my Halloween decorations this year.  You will only see little splashes of orange and green but for the most part it's all black and white.

I turned off the light so you could see the room in it's natural state.  It gets a lot of natural light and that is one of the things I love about this space.

The dining room table is just a cluster of different kinds of pumpkins and these cotton balls from decor steals!

I LOVE decor steals!  If you've never heard of it before, it's a website that offers a different household item everyday.
You can follow them on Instagram.
Most of these pumpkins are all things I had.  The cotton balls are the only new things on this table.
The bookcases are one of my favorite things to decorate every season.
In this post you can read about the evolution of that bookcase here....
I found these built-ins on Craigslist and transformed them to fit the space.  I'll have to share a post on that sometime.

Here's a closer look at each shelf.
Every year I take a picture of the kids in their costumes and then frame them.  I love putting the pictures out every year during Halloween.  You will see them sprinkled throughout my entire home during this season.
I found this "Scary" sign at Home Goods.  I love how neutral it is.
This is a placemat I purchased at the 99 cent store.  The pumpkins are DIY, the cake plates are from decor steals and the BOO sign is from Home Goods.
I may or may not have a slight obsession with chalkboards!  This particular one was an old painting that I purchased on clearance at TJ Maxx years ago... I simply painted it with chalkboard paint and voila!
The skull and the dice book ends are from Home Goods.
I stole the idea of the lantern filled with skull and bones from Pinterest!  What a cute way to use what you have and for little money (the skeleton was purchased at the dollar store) transform it into something seasonal.
The burlap pumpkin is a roll of toilet paper...also a Pinterest DIY.
My friend makes these tiles that I love and use every year.
The BOO ghost signs are a craft that we made at a Halloween party several years ago.  Those are my kids footprints.
The spider web is from the 99 cent store and the Happy Halloween sign I've had.  I think it's from Hobby Lobby.
The skulls I've had, the wreath is new, I believe it's from TJ Maxx, the hourglass is from Decor Steals.
This is one of my favorite areas in the dining room.  You can read about the wood wall installation here.

This is a great angle.  You can see how the rest of the house flows from here...
Just ignore my daughter's shoes on the floor!  It's a constant struggle to get my kids to put their shoes in the closet that is literally inches away from where they throw their shoes!  :)
Ok, rant over...

Loving these faux hydrangeas I found at Michaels.
I scored these fun face masks at the 99 cent store that I tied onto a skull I had in my stash.
A closer look.
These candle sticks are from Decor Steals.  I added the ribbon (purchased at the dollar store) to the candles.
The plate and bird are also from my stash and I don't remember where I purchased them.
I haven't done a lot to this corner of the room.  I have the face jars in the cabinet but that's about it.

Thank you for stopping by...
Next week I'll be sharing my mantle, family room and kitchen which are all decorated as well!  I've also been working on a dresser and some new chairs.  Stay tuned!



  1. OMG! I have so much Halloween envy right now! I love your dining table! All of the pumpkins are totally giving me decor envy. I also love all the eclectic pieces in your bookcase! Nice work!

    I've got a Halloween Link Up on Thursday you should totally join!

  2. Thank you!! I will definitely look at your Link Up party!! Thanks for the invite!