Thursday, October 27, 2016

Elegant Halloween Family Room

Halloween is happening in 4 days!!!
How did that happen?
Well, as promised, here is the rest of my Halloween home tour.

I showed you our dining room last week and wanted to show you the rest of the house.
I'm so glad I took these pictures before we had our downstairs painted!  Because to be honest, after taking all of this down for the painters, only about half of the things made it back into the space.
Speaking of paint.....
I can't wait to show you our freshly painted walls.  I'm in love!!

Alright for now let's start this tour!

This is our family room.

Let's start with the fireplace.

Our mantle is one of my favorite places to decorate.  It gets changed almost monthly!

I ordered this "Trick or treat yo self" print on etsy!  I love it!  Here is the link to purchase one of your own!

I made the BEWARE sign.  I've had the black feather boa in my stash and added it to the banner to beef it up a bit.

The big white skull is from TJ Maxx.  It's one of my new additions this year.

This space above the piano is another one of my favorite spots to decorate for the seasons.  The shelves make it easy to switch things out.

Everything you see here is all stuff that I've collected throughout the years.  I made the BOO banner and the witch scrapbook.  The Kensington Station clock is from Decor Steals.  The pumpkin and silver jars are from the 99 cents store.

I found these vintage tool boxes on Craigslist last year some time.  They're from an old warehouse in San Francisco.  They've been sitting in my garage all of this time and I decided to pull them out and use them as part of my Halloween decor.  I added the black glitter stickers and now they have a new purpose!

I love having and making these little books.  They serve double duty..they not only make cute decorations but are also filled with lots of pictures and memories.

This little guy is new.  He's from Home Goods I believe.  He was a natural wood and I spray painted him white.

This is a little vignette that is in between the family room and kitchen.
I've had these black shutters in the garage and I slipped them onto these prints.  The cotton wreath is from decor steals.  The rest of the items are from my Halloween stash.

This is our kitchen area...
ignore the paint samples on the wall!  :)

This clock is a new addition to my home.  It belonged to my parents.  My dad and step-mom recently asked me if I wanted it and I couldn't say yes fast enough. 
It looked very different in its "before" state.  I painted it and added a new face to it.
I'm hoping to share the before and afters on a blog post soon.

The only new additions in this space are the cake plate and the masks.  The cake plate is from Home Goods and the masks are from the 99 cents store.
The skeletons, birds and purple flowers are from the Dollar Tree.  It doesn't take much to decorate a space these days!

These pumpkins and spell books are from Hobby Lobby.

This Boo Y'all ghost is from Kirklands.

These are Dollar Tree pumpkins that I added washi tape and knobs to.

One of my favorite decorations: pictures of whatever season we're in.

Thank you for stopping by!!
Have a safe and fun Halloween!


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  1. I love all your decor, especially the washi tape pumpkins! I agree that the Dollar tree and TJ Maxx are my favorite places for seasonal decor.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to start decorating for Christmas!