Friday, October 21, 2016

We're painting!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!
My entire downstairs is getting painted today!! 
Right now....
It's happening while I'm typing this blog post!!!

I'm beyond excited!

Picking out the paint colors was so hard!!!
Almost as hard as naming my kids!!!  I'm not kidding.  Ok that was a little dramatic but....

Finding a gray that isn't too blue
or too green
or doesn't look lavender...
is nearly i m p o s s i b l e!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we purchased this house 3 years ago the interior had just been painted a very light yellow/cream color.  The paint color didn't bother me and we lived with if for 3 years.
A couple of months ago my husband mentioned that we needed to get our walls painted.  The wear and tear was starting to show.  As soon as the words left his mouth I was researching paint colors!!!


Before long I had 8 different paint samples on the wall!!!  We all voted.  We all had different opinions but ultimately we agreed on two colors.

Pain color #1 is Valspars Seashell Gray.
It's a very light gray that seems true to gray.  I didn't see any green, blue or purple hues to it.  I'm crossing my fingers that is still the case when it's on a large wall!!
I would have painted all of our walls in this color but my husband thinks it's too light so we're only doing part of the downstairs in this color.
We're compromising!!  :)

I found this picture on Pinterest that shows Seashell gray on a bathroom wall.

 The other color we ended up choosing was referred to us by our good friend who is a painter and states this is the color all of the designers are picking!  It's Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams.  Worldly gray was used in the above picture.  What I love about this color is how warm it is.  It has a little bit of a taupe feel to it.  It's darker than I would have picked but it was a compromise my husband and I were able to reach.

They should be done painting by tomorrow night!  My house is a hot mess right now!!  It's really making me want to organize everything before putting it all back in its spot!

Stay tuned...


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