Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let FREEDOM ring!!

Happy Thursday Ya'll!!
I can't believe tomorrow is July 1st!  How did that happen? 
Have you decorated your home for the 4th of July yet?  The only thing I've done is decorated our porch!  It is on my to-do-list to get the inside "Americana-ed" out!  I know it's not a word!!  You know what I mean...
I was looking for some inspiration on the net and thought I'd share it with you.
I'm wanting a subtle not so in-your-face kind of 4th of July look for my home.
Here's what I found, enjoy!
I love everything about this outdoor setting from Pottery Barn

I NEED this flag!
Love. Love. Love!
Source unknown

I love the simplicity of this.  Anyone can create this sweet look! Stone Gable did a great job at creating a classy 4th of July environment in their home.


How pretty is this?  It's exactly the look I'm going for in my home.  Calm and serene yet still patriotic. 


Great table settings. Love the idea of using bandanas as a table runner.

My son's birthday is July 3rd, so I love this fun birthday party cake table. 

I love the framed flag and the pillows.

Fun mantle!
Love these paper wheels.  Great way to decorate a space on a budget.

Source Unknown
Love that you can add a holiday theme to a space just by changing out the pillows.

This look is almost exactly what I'm after in my home.  Subtle punches of red.  It's still patriotic without being too overwhelming.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I'll share my favorite Red, White and Blue spaces and things!
Have a wonderful day.

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