Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ 6/10/16

My dream backyard!

Our house sits on a 10,000 square foot lot.  For the area that I live in that's a pretty decent sized lot.
Right now my backyard is pretty basic.  It's just grass with a stamped concrete patio.

We have big plans for the space but little to no budget at the moment! (sigh)
Today's favorites are all based on some of the beautiful inspiration I've collected over time for my backyard.
We want 4 zones in the backyard...
1. Patio/Lounge/Dining Area

We really don't need an overhang because there's shade in the backyard for most of the afternoon into the evening.  I love the openness of this picture above.

A large table providing lots of seating is important to me.  We love to entertain and once the backyard is done we hope to have lots of friends and family over.

2. Hot Tub Area

We thought about putting in a pool but then vetoed that idea!  We do believe that we would use the pool but it's a budget killer. We decided a hot tub is something that won't break the bank and will be something we use often.

I love the idea of this camouflaged hot tub!  Most hot tubs that I've seen are eye sores!

3. Outdoor Kitchen/TV/Bar Area

An outdoor kitchen/bar area is something we'll do in the last phase of our backyard makeover as it will be the most costly.  I love, love, love the above picture.  I'm not sure there's anything I would change about that space.
4. Fire Pit/Seating Area
Fire pits are all the rage right now and I love the warmth (pun intended) they add to a space!  Nothing like a hot, cozy fire on a cool evening.

There are so many fire pit options.  We'll see where our budget takes us!

And then there are the Accessories...
No backyard is complete without the Flowers & Landscaping!

I've always loved flowers but now more so than ever.  Is that a sign of maturity?  :)

I don't have a green thumb but I'm hoping to plant (and not kill) lots of beautiful flowers in our backyard.

I want the bougainvillea's, my kids want the dog!  lol


Hydrangeas are my favorite!  And how cool are these tall purple flowers!

Some other finishes and accessories I love...

Love how beautiful this storage cabinet is.  I envision all of my gardening tools in this beauty!

I want to incorporate lots of green materials.  I'm hoping to incorporate a walkway made out of pallets somewhere in the space.

How fun is this for all the snacks/drinks at a party?!

Love this curvy walkway.

This bird bath filled with candles is gorgeous!

Large farmhouse table and chairs are a must!

Rocking chairs are on my wish list...

I'm loving the copper accessories.

For sources to all of the above pictures please click here!

That's all for today!  Thanks for coming by for a visit.
Have a Fab weekend!


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