Thursday, June 16, 2016

DIY 40th Birthday Celebration

An Elegant 40th Birthday Celebration

In a recent post I stated that I have the best friends. 
 And I meant every word.  I really do.

One of my beautiful friends recently turned 40 and her husband asked if I would help him decorate her party.  I immediately responded yes.

I scoured the internet for some inspiration but there was very little to be found.

My vision for the party was a little more elegant than what I was finding online.  Most of the "40th" birthday posts were a little cheesy and that wasn't at all the look I had in mind.

The party was going to be in the backyard and the first thing I knew we had to do was string some lights under the overhang.

Nothing screams elegant and beautiful better than twinkling lights.

I love the lights that Nils purchased at Costco.  They're not only timeless, they're also a great buy.

Nils and Cheri were expecting about 75 guests so the next thing was to rent tables, chairs and linens.

This may not fit into everyone's budget and I get that.  If it doesn't, then I recommend borrowing folding tables from friends.  I love the look of round tables and for about $10 a table, I think they are worth the money to rent. 

We also incorporated her existing patio furniture which helped with the budget.

Why rent linens?  I thought about purchasing the linens so that we could use them again and again, but it is just so much more cost effective to rent them.  I love that you can pick the color you want.  In this case, I chose lilac.  If I had purchased the linens it would have been triple the cost. 

For some of the other tables I used some turquoise vinyl tablecloths that I had.  Vinyl tablecloths don't seem very elegant but when you add all of the centerpieces it fancies it up a bit.
 I shopped for some accessories at home!  :)  A great money-saver is to use the stuff you already own!
Frames, vases, jars, candle holders, typography....
Pictured below is some of the stuff I pulled together from home.

The #40 & FAB were all new items!

Each table was uniquely decorated.  I used mirrors and frames as the base and then added the accessories to fill the tables.
I asked the birthday girl for photographs that pictured her with family and friends.
I purchased some frames but mostly used frames I had at home to showcase these beautiful pictures!
This is a great way to personalize a party but still keep it looking elegant.
Another way to keep cost down is to mix real and silk flowers.  Use what you have!
No birthday is complete without a few selfies!  This is the birthday girl and I taking a selfie!
The birthday girl and her parents.
I didn't want to neglect the pool, so I inserted a glow stick in a balloon and placed it on the water.  It created a fun little glow.

 I brought over a little side table that I had at home and used the bird cage for the birthday cards.
A toast to the birthday girl, my beautiful friend Cheri!
Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!
Have a wonderful day!

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