Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mix and Match in Miss Mustard Seed's Bergere

I'm so excited about this new piece in my dining room.  (Sorry for the low quality pictures by I'm still having camera issues!)  :/

I've had this beautiful desk/armoire in my dining room for a while but it just wasn't fitting the space well.  It was too big.  I tried to convince myself that I could make it work because I loved the piece so much but finally came to the realization that it had to go.
I sold it to a good friend and that made parting with it so much easier.  I love when my pieces end up in my friends homes.  Then I know I can visit them anytime!  :)
Once the piece was gone I tried to fill the space in my dining room with other pieces of furniture that I had but nothing fit quite well.
I guess that meant shopping was in order!  I know... twist my arm! 
I thought about buying something new but I was more interested in buying something I could add my touch to so I started my Craigslist search.
I knew that I wanted it to be tall and not too deep.
The first thing I found was this little green cabinet.  I fell in love with the vintage window and for $40, I just couldn't pass it up!  I had a heck of a time loading that thing into my SUV all by myself though!  Whew!

Ok, so now I had the top of my buffet/hutch.  Now I needed to find a bottom.
I found the perfect little piece on Craigslist.  It was in fair condition and it was the perfect size.  I loved the simple lines and for $20 it was a done deal.

I got it home and placed the cabinet on top of it to see if it would work and viola!  Perfection!  Well, almost...

The green and brown wasn't going to work so out came the paint. I (my husband) also needed to cut off the legs to the cabinet so that it would sit flush on the buffet.
Miss mustard seed milk paint in bergere was what I envisioned for the pieces.  

Bergere by Miss Mustard Seed

It's a bluish/grey color.  I know what you're thinking another blue piece of furniture in your home??  I felt like the space could handle it with all the white and brown I had going on in there.
I took the door/window off and painted the inside of the cabinet white.

I LOVE how it turned out.
 The bottom piece had this ugly and dated contact paper lining the drawers.  I peeled it off and wiped the drawers clean for a fresher & cleaner look.

The first coat of milk paint is always scary.  It looks like this...

stick to it, don't get nervous.  After the second coat it looks so much better.


Below is the before and after with the original hardware.

 When I took these pictures I noticed the drawers looked slightly darker than the rest of the piece.  I didn't like that, so I added one more coat of paint to the drawers.  Much better!

These pictures were taken at different times of day and you can see how the color changes.  It sometimes looks grey and sometimes blue.  Love that about it.


The last thing I did was add new coordinating hardware.  I usually try to keep the original hardware on a piece but the change makes these two pieces come together nicely.

Here are a few close ups of all the details...

Smooth as butter...

Loving that original window!

My dining room is almost complete!  I've ordered an area rug and then I think the room will be done!
For now at least!  :)


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