Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites ~ Painted Pieces

Good morning!  Happy Friday!!
I'm super excited to share some news with you...
I'm going to be a vendor at a co-op in my area.  It's called the Rancho Co-op and it's in Oakley, CA for those of you in my neck of the woods.

They carry beautiful antique furniture and lots of other antique items.  My space is going to be predominately painted furniture pieces.  I will have some "Little's" in the space as well.
I'll be moving in next week!!!!

I cant' wait.  It's a little scary, a little exciting, a little nerve wracking!

Crazy, right?

I'll be sure and post some pictures of my space when it's all ready to go.

Because I've been busy painting pieces, I've been scouring Pinterest and other sites for inspiration.
Today's favorites are of some of the painted pieces of furniture that have me smitten!

All of the pictures have links to the sources below them.  Feel free to click on them to see how they painted these pieces.  The "before" pictures are always fun to see too!

This site really pegs my style to a T!  I love every single piece at this website and will often scroll through here for inspiration.  I love all of the chippiness, the curves and raw wood that is reflected in this piece.  Not to mention the color!  I love almost anything painted blue!

Here's another piece from that site!  Isn't it incredible?  I'm in love!

OK, this is a little bolder than anything I've painted before but I love it!  I'm loving the layers of paint.  I definitely want to try this on a piece of furniture soon.

I'm going to paint a few pieces with a stenciled design.  That's really hot right now.  I love how subtle this one is.  She hand painted this piece but I'm not that talented!

Here's another one with a design.  The "before" on this one is crazy.  I love the dramatic change.

I'm loving gold as an accent on my pieces.  Isn't this gorgeous?  The chicken wire on the doors gives it that farmhouse feel that is all the rage right now.

Black is one of the hardest colors to paint.  I'm looking for the perfect piece to transform into black though...
It's such a classic and timeless look.

Buffet's and dressers are some of my favorite pieces to paint.  I don't always get my inspiration from painted pieces that I find on Pinterest or blogs.  I often times will look at what's trending at some of the popular furniture stores.  Horchow is one of my favorite places to find inspiration.  This piece sells for $5,000!  When I win the lottery maybe....but for now I'll stick to my painted pieces!  :)


I recently painted a piece almost identical to this for my daughters room.  I still haven't revealed her room makeover and hope to do so soon!  I love gray with white highlights.

Ok, so this last one doesn't have a source that I can link to for you but...
my goodness!!!
Will someone please find me this door!  I NEED IT!
Love, love love!!!

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a wonderful weekend.  My daughter's homecoming dance is tomorrow.  Check back next week for some pictures!


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