Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall in the Green Room

Earlier this year I was part of the design team for a few rooms in our new church building.  It was a really fun experience.  I've never shared the transformation of those rooms on my blog but was recently in the Green Room adding some Fall touches and thought it was a perfect time to share this space with you.

What is the Green Room?  According to the dictionary, a "green room" is a room in a theater or studio in which performers can relax when they are not performing.
For the Fellowship Church, the green room is a similar space as its definition.  It's a space where our Senior Pastor and his family along with their guests can relax in between services.

Let's start at the beginning.  When we walked into this room for the first time it was awful.  There are no other more appropriate words.  It was being used by the contractor as a storage room/office/supply room.  It was just a hot mess!

After it was emptied and cleaned up, the walls were all freshly painted.

Aren't those concrete floors beautiful?  We didn't change or alter the floors in any way.  Those are the original beautiful floors!

Next we asked Josh to install this planked wood wall.  These rustic reclaimed wood boards were gifted to our church and used for projects throughout the building.  I was grateful to get my hands on some to incorporate into this room.

 The ceilings in this space are low so we decided to place the wood planks vertically to add the illusion of height to the space.

Josh layed out all of the wood so that we could move the planks around if we needed to before he adhered them to the wall.

After much thought and careful placement, he started nailing them to the wall.  Yes, we covered that window.  Behind that window is a storage room.  Having that window in the space served no purpose.  We did, however, leave the window in tact in case the church wanted access to it in the future.

Isn't it beautiful!  Insert heart eyes!!
Thank you Josh and Nidia for making this wall happen!

And here is the space all furnished.  Most of the items in the room were purchased at Ikea.

This is one of my favorite spaces in the room.  Before my church purchased this building in 2015, we rented different facilities for the 13 years we were without a permanent building.  This collage wall is our history.  Pictured are all of the different places our church called home during those 13 years along with different slogans that are a reflection of our church.


 Pictured here are Nidia and Steve.  Nidia, Paige (not pictured) and I made up the design team.  Steve, Christian P., Josh, Zack, Reggie and Christian W. were some of the worker bees involved in making this vision a reality.

And now here is the green room today with some Fall touches...

Zack built that table out of reclaimed wood and steel!  Isn't it amazing?!

These are the Pastor's 4 beautiful girls.

And because it was Pastor Appreciation month, I had my friend Erika write "Grateful for you" on this chalkboard.  We're truly grateful for our Pastor's Shaun and Dianna Nepstad.  We're grateful for their vision and we're grateful to be on the FC team.

Remember the inspiration photo I shared of the pumpkin arrangements in this last post?  Didn't they turn out great?  I wish I could take credit for them but I can't.  My Aunt Jeannie made these for me!  She is crazy talented!

These last few pictures are bonus pictures.  :)
They aren't of the green room.  They were taken in our church's lobby.
One of the nights I was working on the green room, my husband was dropping something off for me and he brought Bella with him.  I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of her first visit at the Fellowship Church!

Thanks for hanging out with me for a few minutes today!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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