Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Let's Make a Difference

A few years ago a man approached me and told me about an incident that happened when he was a little boy.  His house had caught fire around the holidays and there was so much damage done that, with all of the financial burden added to his family, there wasn't going to be any way they were going to afford anything for Christmas. 
He paused and said, "I don't know if you remember this but you and the company that you worked for adopted my family that Christmas." 
To be honest I had forgotten all about that incident.  It had happened over 20 years ago.  I do remember that my work was looking for a family to adopt for the Christmas season and I had heard about the fire and thought they would be a good candidate.

This man went on to tell me what an impact that small gesture had on his life.  He said he made a promise that when he was old enough he would pay it forward.  He wanted me to know that he had made good on his promise and that he and his children look for a family every Christmas to bless.

I had to fight back the tears while he was talking.  I was so honored to be the instrument that God used to bless an entire family's life.

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Recently a friend shared the above commercial with me and it just moved me.  It reminded me of the fire incident.
It reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas...
I've gotten so wrapped up in decorating and shopping and well, that's not really what it's all about is it?

We're adopting a family, not because of this story, but because it's just what we do during the holidays.  We're blessed and we want to be a blessing.

Today I'm not sharing pictures of pretty things...those will be on the blog soon enough.
Today I'm hoping to inspire you to go out and make a difference in someones life.
Maybe it's not in your budget to adopt a family, so how about giving an encouraging word to someone, carry someones groceries for them, bake cookies and take them to your local fire station or police department, or just simply take the time to smile and spark up a conversation with someone.

Some of the things this commercial says are:

I did
because you gave.

I created
because you saw me as an artist.

I found Christ
because I saw him reflected in you...

This holiday season I'm inspired to make a difference.
Will you join me?

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

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