Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites ~ Greens

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!
Hope you're wearing your green!!

So today's post is quite fitting.
We are going to talk about all things green!

I'm loving this gate.

And because green comes in all shades.... here are some of my favorite looks!

If i were to paint a piece of furniture it would look very similar to these! 
Seriously loving these pieces!!

This door is from a church in Turkey.  Wow!  Gorgeous!

I'm crushing on velvet right now!

And well, I LOVE hydrangeas and these bottles are pretty great too!

I'm green over these beautiful eyes!  Well, just the beautiful girl altogether if I'm being honest....that hair!

Um yes please!!!  These shoes are on my wish list!  Do they come in wedges though?  I might trip and fall in those stilettos!  lol

I'll take these green shoes too....

If I were a little younger and a little richer, I'd own this Ferrari!  ;)

I'm crushing on these baggy, silky tops.  They're so comfortable, forgiving and stylish all at the same time.  And those jeans....
I'm in!

And finally, if you're planning a wedding...
green can be a very elegant choice!

Have a wonderful day!!


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