Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dusty Rose in the Green Room

Remember the "green room" we talked about in this post?
Well, I was asked to make it a little "girlie" in preparation of our upcoming women's conference.

Pastor Dianna's only request was that I add some blush pink to the space.

Simple enough...

So before the reveal:  Here's a reminder at what the room looked like before.

I had a $500 budget and this is what I came up with.

This space is very modern and rustic and I wanted to soften it up a bit.
I did that by adding lots of texture.

Another way to soften up a space is with fresh flowers.  Nothing screams girlie more than some beautiful pink flowers.
I asked my Aunt Jeannie if she wanted to help me with this project and she happily agreed!
Lucky me because she's an amazing florist!!

We started with adding beautiful garland to the 12 foot table.

And then we added some floral arrangements.  I didn't want to over crowd the table since there was going to be guests sitting and eating at it.

The room already had 4 of these lanterns in it so I asked her to make me some floral inserts for them.  Isn't she amazing??

This large arrangement was put in the conference store. (insert heart eyes!)


I brought some stuff from home too....
$500 only goes so far...

I added this fabric shower curtain to the backside of the screen that was already in the room to add a little whimsy.

The conference was called RUN so I painted some wood letters and set them up at the entry table to make a statement.

 The installation process took a few hours and as fun as that was, the real fun was the conference itself.

The rest of these pictures are of my time at the conference.

Karrie Garcia was one of the speakers and she was AMAZING!

No event is complete without a few selfies!  :)

 Thank you for stopping by!!!
I'd love to hear your comments or feedback.


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