Monday, November 9, 2015

Daddy isn't praying anymore

Happy Monday!!
I'm a big country music fan but I missed the CMA's last week.
What I didn't miss is this epic performance by Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton.
The media is saying it's the best performance EVER on the CMA's!
I'm not sure about all of that...but I LOVED it!
Here's the link if you missed it!
I had never heard of Chris Stapleton before this performance so that prompted me to look into his music a little more.
He's known more for his songwriting than for his music but I'm sure that's all about to change.
He recently released his debut album Traveler.
I listened to a few of his songs on YouTube and then just had to buy the whole album.
I love every single song. The album won album of the year on the CMA's last week.

There is one that just stopped me in my tracks while I was listening to the record and that is Daddy isn't praying anymore.
I was sad while I was listening to it wondering what could make a dad stop praying and then when Chris sang that final verse the tears started streaming down my face.
I listened to that song over and over and just let the words soak in.
Here's the You Tube Link if you'd like to listen to it.
I'm a praying mom.
My mom was a praying mom.
My dad is a praying dad.
My grandmother was a praying mom.
My grandfather was a praying dad.
The list goes on and on...
Don't stop praying.
I so believe that God hears and answers prayers.
I'm grateful for the people that have prayed for me throughout my life.
Have a blessed day!

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