Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Special Car Ride

Last Sunday, my husband and I and our two kids jumped in the car on a beautiful, overcast winter day in California.
There was nothing special about that morning.
It wasn't a special "wear your heels and red lipstick" kind of day.
We were just getting in the car to drive to my son's baseball tournament that was about an hour away.
We were rushing to get settled in the car and get going because we were leaving about ten minutes later than our targeted time.
Dad got in the drivers seat, I sat in the passenger seat, both kids were in the back seat, Brayden was behind the driver's seat and Karissa was sitting behind me in our Honda pilot.
I got the GPS ready, not because we didn't know where we were going but because we wanted to see what our eta was.  We passed the Montessori school in Brentwood and that's when it happened.
The magic of a little moment that I know will go down as a special memory in my mind.
Frank said, "Karissa I can remember it like it were yesterday, your first day of school at that Montessori when you were just 2 years old!"  (We celebrated her 15th birthday yesterday)
Frank proceeded to recount what he remembered of that special day.  I interjected because he had gotten that memory all wrong!  I corrected him with the specific details of our daughter's first day of preschool, which of course, according to him, I got all wrong!
We laughed and smiled and rolled our eyes all at the same time.
Who knows how the story actually goes but we reminisced and smiled about that day when our beautiful first born daughter started preschool.
That memory sparked other conversations in the car that morning.
We told the kids the stories of when each of them were born.  We talked about how we came up with their names.
We laughed and smiled and rolled our eyes at the exaggerations and inconsistencies of our stories!
The radio wasn't on and the kids weren't on their phones or watching a movie or playing video games...
It was just the four of us sitting in the car having a special moment.
A moment in which I know those two kids felt the immense love that we have for them.
A special little car ride that I will never forget.  I'll never forget it because life is so uncertain and so precious.  Just last week Hospice was called in for my grandmother.  She's simply the most beautiful person I've ever known in my life.  She suffered 2 brain aneurysms in 2009 and has been bed ridden ever since.  At 89 years of age, her frail body is now shutting down.  My "Lita", as we so affectionately refer to her, is ready to go to heaven.  Tears are streaming down my face as I say those words.  Not because I'm not at peace with her passing, but because I will so terribly miss her.
I think that might be why that little car ride was so special to me...
we don't know what tomorrow holds for us.
I'm loving and holding on to these special little moments.





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