Monday, January 4, 2016

YOU get to decide who you are

Happy New Year!!!
I'm excited about 2016.
I read this quote the other day and it really inspired me.
"You decide every moment of every day:
who you are
what you believe in.
You get a second chance every second.
There are many things I love about that quote.
What I want to focus on today is the part that says that you get to decide who you are.
It doesn't matter what the preconceived ideas or stereotypes are that have attached themselves to your persona...
You at any moment can redefine yourself.
You get to choose!
Not your mother or your spouse or your job title...
How powerful is that?
How do you do that?
1. Look at yourself in the mirror.
Not like when your doing your makeup or doing your hair.  You need to be purposeful.
Sit there without any distractions and focus on that reflection in the mirror and decide what it is that you #1 love/like about yourself and then #2 what needs to change or be worked on.
It won't be easy but if your serious about taking control of your life than it is necessary.
Don't just focus on your outer appearance, be sure to look at your inner being also.
Nobody knows YOU better than YOU.
I have a friend that is known for being late to everything.  The other day her daughter posted this on Facebook and said it was going to be her Mother's day gift.

It was done in fun and we all laughed about it...
the reality is she's been working hard on being on time and changing that false truth about her.
When I look in the mirror one of the things I'm frustrated with is my weight.  My mother passed away in 2009 and I gained 20 pounds that year.  That weight is hanging on and I need to lose it!
I've always been known as a "thick" girl.  I'm ready to shed that false truth about me!
2016 is going to be the year that I get healthy!
 2. Set realistic and ambitious goals.
Only you can know the difference between what is a realistic and ambitious goal in your life.
Losing 5 pounds a month is a realistic goal for me.
Running in the Reebok Spartan Race in May is an ambitious goal for me.
I'm setting both goals! 

3. Make a plan.
How am I going to lose the weight?
How am I going to train for the Spartan Race in May?
There needs to be a plan.
Achieving a goal is only half the reward...
The journey to that goal is the other half!
Take it one day at a time.  Chip away at it a little every day.
I love candy crush...OK I'm a little addicted to candy crush...
and sometimes I get stuck on a level that I can't pass.  The mindset I have is this: I just have to keep working at it and eventually I'll pass this darn level!  It works every time!  I'm currently on level 1356!!
Once you make a plan, write it down, share it with someone for accountability and make changes or adjustments as needed.
4. Surround yourself with POSITIVITY!
For me that means staying connected to God.  It's His will for me to succeed.  I stay connected to him by being in prayer, going to church, listening to worship music and reading the Bible.
Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people.  It even helps if they are trying to achieve some of the same goals you are.  You can bounce ideas off of each other.  Motivate each other.  Be accountable to each other.  I love this quote that I posted on Instagram the other day.
It's extremely important to eliminate the negative voices and energy in your space.  Now I'm not saying divorce your husband or anything like that...what I'm saying is the new year is a great opportunity to do some deep cleaning!  If social media is more negative than it is positive for you than eliminate it.  If that television show you're watching isn't inspiring or motivating you then stop watching it!  You have the power!

 5. Don't give up
Did you know that 1 in 4 people fail to accomplish their New year's resolutions every year?  That's a 24% success rate.  Don't give up!  Set up a reward system!
I plan on rewarding myself with a new outfit (head to toe) for every 5 pounds I lose.
I know that isn't realistic for everyone but keep yourself motivated!
Google motivational quotes, print them and place them where you can see them daily.

You can do it!!!
I believe in you.
I'm praying you have a blessed and prosperous 2016!!

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