Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Merry Christmas ~ 2015

Good morning!!!
I hope you were inspired yesterday by my friend Dianna's post.

It's always good to be reminded that Christmas isn't just about the decorations, Black Friday shopping, the music, etc...
it's a time to spread good cheer to all men.
Thank you Dianna!

speaking of Black Friday....
did you shop till you dropped?

I'm a huge fan of Black Friday but my love for the shopping madness has dwindled since it was moved to Thursday night!  I love Thanksgiving and hate that it's being shoved in the back corner by these super sales!  

Nobody puts Thanksgiving in the corner!

For the last couple of years I have stood my ground and boycotted the Thursday night shopping...

but this year....
I caved!

We did our usual Thanksgiving dinner. (we were at my husband's aunt's house)
I didn't rush anyone...
we enjoyed our visit...
we weren't the first ones to leave...

but when we got home...

My baby girl and I hit the ground running!

Target was our first stop and we got some AMAZING deals.
I love how organized Target is on Black Friday or Thursday in this case!

We then went to JCPenney thinking it wouldn't be too crowded!  Boy were we wrong!  That place was mayhem!

We did get some super deals there too.

We picked up our Christmas cards at Walgreens and called it a night!  Did you get any shopping done this past weekend?

I hope you've enjoyed the pics of one of the Christmas trees in our home.  We have 5 total!  


This one is our "family" Christmas tree and it is filled with so many beautiful memories.  

It's not what I've seen posted on the many blogs that I follow and love, but I wanted to encourage you to be true to YOU when decorating your home.  

I love this picture I captured with my cell phone the other night!  Caught my baby girl looking through the gifts trying to find hers!

I will be sharing the other trees and some of the rooms in our home that are decorated for Christmas soon!

As much as I love sharing my home with all of you, I also enjoy peeking into homes and looking at their Christmas decorations for inspiration!  The Canadian Bloggers Christmas home tour is going on now.  Just click on the below links to take a look!


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