Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Good Will ~ Dianna Nepstad

I have a very special guest on the blog today.
She is my pastor's wife.
She is a mother of 4 beautiful girls.
She's a beautiful lady both inside and out.
She's a lover of coffee, Christmas and painted furniture!

I'm blessed to call her my friend.

I asked her to share a little bit of what Christmas means to her.

Ladies and gentlemen...

please welcome Dianna Nepstad to the 1158 spot!


"Glory to God in the heavenly heights, Peace to all men and women on earth who please him." 
Luke 2:14 MSG version

    To a world that was dark, ruled by the hand of oppression and people who constantly screwed up, God, the Heavenly Father and architect of humanity said He was pleased with us. In other words, He LOVED us before we even thought about Him; we were so selfish, and extremely far from doing anything that would please Him. This doesn't make any sense to an average person but it makes sense to the one who needed a second chance-a clean slate in life. That would be me.

Because of His great unhindered love, the life I'm living is a grace canvas of His touch in my life; how I raise my babies, how I love people, how I express my love for Him to a world that needs His touch. Oftentimes, this world sees a Pharisaical love; measured, "scratch my back-I'll scratch yours," pressed down, shaken together, pretentious, "dog-eat-dog" kind of love & friendship. God's good will is different. It's an open hand which, in turn, changes the heart and we're never the same.

With that in mind, during these special times I feel extremely sentimental. I try to live good will through simple steps and traditions to show everyday people that they matter to me and to God. From tree trimmings, to visits to Apple Hill, logs in the fire, coffee visits at a local coffee shop with friends, small talk with my local cashiers in supermarkets, gifts to mailmen & garbage men and the list goes on. You see, there's no hidden agenda in being friendly, kind and hospitable to strangers because that IS good will! Good will shows that it is not my will but that His will is good to us all. He has a plan for all of us and it's not by chance but His purpose is for good.

So, every time you decorate, every time you share laughter, every time you buy a cup of coffee for someone, you're extending the scepter of hope of His good will to humanity. Pour out the love, roll out the red carpet of hospitality to everyday people because His good will is the heart of Jesus' message - good will to ALL men.
Equation: Jesus + His good will = a changed life


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